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Hilton Hotel 30%-45% Off Discount Code PR13CB

What is the Hilton Discount Code?

Hilton has a great discount code “PR13CB”, it offer discounts Best Flexible Rate by 30% to 45% at participating properties outside of North America. It works best in Europe, Middle East & Asia.

How to use discount code PR13CB?

There is no page on for this promotional offer. You need to use the PR13CB code on the Promotional/Offer Code field when executing rate search here:

Hilton discount offer code PR13CB

Here is a rate example for Hilton Singapore:

Hilton Singapore corporate discount code PR13CB images

The discount is 32% from the BAR.


This is a great discount offer that I have used multiple times. It works best when the Best Available Rates are low as this further discounts them. I have never been asked to show any eligibility as this appears to be open for all employed by a business.

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