What are Accor Hotel Corporate Codes?

Many large companies have a lot of travel, customer reception or conference needs every year, so they prefer to sign agreements with Accor hotels to get more discounts and lower fees. Although the profit of Accor Hotel has decreased, it can obtain long-term and stable customers, and it can be described as a win-win situation with small profits but quick turnover.

After signing the agreement, Accor Hotels Group usually provides a code to facilitate the use of corporate employees when booking, which is often referred to as “Accor Corporate Codes Rates”.

Accor Corporate Codes are usually only used by employees of contracted companies. When checking in, they need to show the employee ID/work badge of the relevant company, or send an email to the front desk from the company’s mailbox to verify the identity of the employee.

Some companies’ Corporate Discount Codes discounts are very exaggerated, and it is common for prices to be halved.

How To Use Accor Hotel Corporate Codes?

The Corporate Codes of Accor Hotels is very easy to use. First, enter the official website of AccorHotels through the following link:


Fill in Corporate Codes in the contract number position.

How To Use Accor Hotel Corporate Codes images
How To Use Accor Hotel Corporate Codes images

For the same room type in the same hotel on the same day, Corporate Codes is half cheaper than the bar price, and can be flexibly cancelled. Below are the Corporate Codes for most companies.

Accor Hotel Corporate Codes List

Company Accor ID Code SC372937417 / Contract Number 132903 European Community Global Master
Company Accor ID Code SC764146528 / Contract Number 189414 CISCO Systems
Company Accor ID Code SC755168127 / Contract Number 354882 Swimming Australia
Company Accor ID Code SC743729886 / Contract Number 5000 CGU Presidential Card members($12.88)
Company Accor ID Code SC220905934 / Contract Number TH949GB521 The Law Society of Scotland
Company Accor ID Code SC202095022 / Contract Number 32545 Air Canada
Company Accor ID Code SC211514112 / Contract Number 32545 British European Airways (a company which hasn’t existed since 1974 apparently!)
Company Accor ID Code SC261538854 / Contract Number 25515 White & Case
Company Accor ID Code SC339032666 / Contract Number 32474 Alitalia
Company Accor ID Code SC502185510 / Contract Number 887522 Flying Blue Petroleum Air France
Company Accor ID Code SCP443454 / Contract Number 5000 Tennis Coaches New Zealand
Company Accor ID Code SCP119637 / Contract Number 230534 (unknown company)
Company Accor ID Code SC028008980 / Contract Number 32545 (unknown company)

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