Hotels corporate codes refer to the agreement price signed by the company and the hotel. When the company’s employees or customers stay in the hotel, they can enjoy a discounted price, so that the company can get discounts, and the hotel can also get a certain occupancy rate.

Because corporate codes are used by the company’s employees and customers, we can use the corporate codes price of the company’s customers to obtain the lowest discounted hotel price.

Here is the Best Western Hotel. The company was established in 1946. Today, it has more than 4,200 member hotels in more than 80 countries and regions. Every day more than 250,000 people stay in hotels under the Best Western Group.

Here I will introduce their negotiated price code. First of all, open the official website of BEST WESTERN Hotel

Then enter the hotel you want to stay in, click the “Price” drop-down box, select Corporate (company), enter the code, and click Apply (apply) to search for corporate codes price.

How To Use Best Western Hotels Corporate Codes Video

How To Use Best Western Hotels Corporate Codes Video

00322510 GE General Electric – 10% off
01399660 Touchstone Energy – 10% off
01402610 Joe’s House – 10% off
01353080 Fedex – 10% off
00101841 Ford – 10% off
01388930 Caltech – 10% off
01476170, or 01418260 Best Business Worldwide 20-25% off
01494790 corporate codes used by hotels in Italy
TWITTER1 or TWEET1 Twitter corporate codes
FB100 Facebook corporate codes
IC4NF Canadian Resident corporate codes
00322510 7.5-20% off corporate codes
01494790 Corporate codes of unknown company
01418260 Nurses Association corporate codes
01260440 GHMCC corporate codes
334930 University of Missouri corporate codes
01119970 University of Pittsburgh corporate codes
01476170 This is a mysterious code that you can test


Best Western is pleased to offer a preferred rate to Ford Motor Company. To book this rate, search for your hotel below or call 1-800-WESTERN (937.8376) and mention Corporate ID number 00101841. Enjoy your stay!

Save up to 20% on Best Western room rates for hotels worldwide.
Free high-speed internet access.
Hot or continental breakfast, many complimentary.
Access to more than 4,000† hotels in over 100† countries and territories worldwide.

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