What is the Wyndham Hotel corporate code?

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is one of many large travel brands that offers corporate code prices for corporate employees to negotiate. If a company has a lot of influence in the hotel space, the discount may be bigger, and vice versa. If you’re a corporate traveler, you can often benefit from cheap accommodation at Wyndham hotels by booking your accommodation online in advance using a specific corporate code. These prices are generally stated to be strictly for corporate employees who may require relevant identification at check-in.

We recently published a listing of Wyndham corporate codes and compared these prices to Wyndham hotel reservations without corporate codes. Some corporate codes only apply to certain properties and certain dates, so we wanted to try another test booking to see what kind of discounts you can get elsewhere.

How To Use Wyndham corporate code Video

How To Use Wyndham corporate code Video

How do I use Wyndham corporate code?

f your institution has a preferred corporate account with Wyndham, you can easily add the code to your online reservation from the homepage, click on “Special Rates”, then click on “corporate code”, enter in the box related code.

Wyndham corporate code picture1
Wyndham corporate code picture-1

You can see the huge difference between the negotiated price after using the agreement code and the general price of Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou:

Wyndham corporate code picture-2
Wyndham corporate code picture-2

We are using Corporate Codes from “Travel Expert”:

Wyndham corporate code picture-3
Wyndham corporate code picture-3

With one-of-a-kind travel agency deals, up to 40% off BAR, and bookings at nearly 9,000 hotels worldwide, we welcome La Quinta to the Wyndham family.

Three booking methods:

  1. On the wyndhamhotels.com website, use business ID 1000013864 to make an online reservation under Special Rates. and laquinta.com, use discount code TAD.
  2. 2. Call the Wyndham Hotel: 800-243-0247 (U.S. and Canada) or 506-638-4829 (international). La Quinta Hotel: 1-800-SLEEPLQ
  3. Through the GDS, use the TVL rate category

Corporate codes list of companies of Wyndham Hotel Group

In our test booking, most codes can provide us with 10%, 15% or 20% flexible standard daily fee discounts.

8000000066 ABN – about 20% off

1000008946 Civil Aviation Patrol – about 20% off

1000007604 MTA – approximately 20% off

1000000265 EC Purchasing – about 20% off

1000007598 AIChE – about 20% off

1000007844 NYSUT – about 20% off

1000010014 ASCP – about 20% off

The following companies did not test:

1000008537 Business Advantage Plus

1000009871 Employee Network

1000007451 (unknown company)

67243 (unknown company)

100232108 University of Buffalo

00803277 21st century system

55067752 SmithBucklin

What else do you need to know about using Windham’s corporate codes price?

It is always useful to compare the enterprise price you use with other prices on the Windham website, so you can see how much discount you can get. Most codes give us a 20% discount.

If an enterprise’s agreement code doesn’t work for your reservation, don’t think it has expired, because the hotel brand depends on several factors: room quantity, date and availability. So if your travel plan is flexible, you can try another search with other enterprise codes.

Please remember, Wyndham will be alert to the abuse of the agreement code. If you try to check in without proving that you have the right to use the company code, you may cancel the order and be forced to use the best room rate of the day.

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